This online component presents the course content for three units.

PSPREG401C Exercise Regulatory Powers

This unit covers the exercise of powers under the organisation's enabling legislation, and other relevant legislation for regulation, monitoring, inspection and investigation.  It includes establishing regulatory powers, applying enabling legislation, utilising other legislation and standards, and working with other organisations.

PSPREG413A Undertake Inspections and Monitoring

This unit covers the requirements to undertake both routine and non-routine inspections and monitoring of more complex or detailed nature, with discretion to determine appropriate action in accordance with relevant Acts and regulations.  Typically work will be under general direction, with full responsibility for delegated duties within a generally defined area.  It includes planning and organising inspection and monitoring activities, undertaking inspections, action on non-compliance and providing reports, information and training.

In practice, undertaking complex inspections and monitoring may overlap with other generalist or specialist work activities such as exercising regulatory powers, using resources, gathering and analysing information, upholding and supporting public serve values, working safely, applying government processes, etc.

PSSREG403B Assess Compliance

This unit covers risk assessment, monitoring of situations/environments/behaviours, and analysis of information to assess compliance with legislation and/or standards.  It includes monitoring areas under own jurisdiction, receiving or identifying allegations of non compliance, and conducting research to determine levels of compliance.